Why I Became A Health Enthusiast


Thanks for being here!  I’m Gail and I just wanted to give you a little background information about WHY I became a health enthusiast. My wellness journey has truly been amazing, and today, living well naturally, is… natural for me. I truly hope this will inspire you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

There were times in my life, after three automobile accidents, when I did not have the energy, the knowledge or the resources to renew myself… and getting through each day took every ounce of energy I had. In my second accident I lost my hearing from further damage to my cervical spine and was told I would never hear again.


Previously, I had been a communications director in the corporate world, but was no longer able to work in my field due to the hearing loss. After my third accident and two major surgeries, by the grace of God, I did get enough of my hearing back where hearing aids could be beneficial.

During these 13 years, I could have easily become addicted to pain medications; but, fortunately for me, the adverse effects of the medications on my body led me down another path. I sought out natural healing in every way possible.

This was the beginning of my journey to HEAL my body… cleansing toxins from my body, increasing healthy whole foods, eliminating unhealthy fats, GMO’s, food additives, preservatives and dyes from my diet and eliminating dangerous chemicals from my home and office environment.

Over the next eight years, I completed training through the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT.org) through the Advanced Level, completed the National Board Certification through the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy (NBCHT) and also completed training to become a Certified Body Ecologist through Donna Gates, Founder of Body Ecology and was seeing clients during this time.

During the next five years, I opened and operated my own practice for colon hydrotherapy working with clients, doctors and integrative health practitioners until I married my wonderful husband who has encouraged and supported me in my endeavors to continue to help others. I’m proud to say he served in the Navy for 24 years, graduated from Valdosta State University with a Master’s in Education and taught school for ten years before retiring.

Today, I am immensely grateful for him, our children, our grandchildren and all the many angels who nurtured me along the path to re-create my life in a health-oriented career, where I was able to HEAL my body and HELP others.

I am dedicated to my family, clients and readers. My goal is to provide resources to lift you up and move you forward in your wellness journey.

Even though I no longer see clients, I am actively involved in research, writing and inspiring others to embrace a healthy lifestyle because… YOUR HEALTH MATTERS!

Wishing you a healthy and delightful day,

    Gail Seignious Thompson

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