Infusing your water with organic fruits, herbs and veggies can give you a safe and gentle cleanse while speeding up your metabolism.

Infuse your water wth organic fruits, herbs & veggies to speed up your metabolism.
Want to speed up your metabolism?

Infusing water is often referred to as a detox drink which gently detoxes the body while hydrating the body. Dehydration can be a major health problem. If you are one of the many people who rarely ever drink water, you will probably love infusing your water to stay hydrated.

You can stay hydrated by adding any combination of fruits, veggies, herbs, spices and edible flowers into cold water. There’s no need to worry about calories, sugar and artificial flavorings. Keep it simple and choose organic produce and herbs that you enjoy!

Organic is always the best choice to avoid pesticides and residues, and always wash your produce and thoroughly rinse your herbs before adding to your water.

After cleaning all your produce, you can use a quart size Mason jar with lid or a pitcher. Also, you can buy an infuser bottle or pitcher… it just depends on your preference and lifestyle. If you are on the go all day, you might prefer one of the BPA free infuser bottles. These are available in many shapes and sizes.

After you select your container, simply add all of your choices along with purified cold or room temperature water. Give it a couple of hours for the flavors to blend into the water as the flavors improve with time. You can eat the fruit later, although it has been diluted with water and may not suit your taste buds!

Now it’s time to GET HYDRATED and start infusing your water to boost your metabolism and gently cleanse your body!

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