Happy Hormones or Hormone Imbalance?


If you are fortunate to have happy hormones, you most likely have a handle on clean eating habits and and you are successful at managing your life and stress levels. Now if you’re not sure about those happy hormones, please keep reading as sometimes we don’t understand how our hormone levels can be abnormal and disrupt our lives!

For example, mood swings can affect the way a woman treats people. If you have a hormone imbalance it can literally ruin your life in more ways than one. From the monthly period to menopause, it is beneficial to have an understanding of the cause of your hormone imbalance… including how you can deal with it.

So let’s dive in and discuss five ways to help identify hormone imbalance.


5 Ways To Tell If You Have Hormonal Imbalance


Do You Have Consistent Weight Gain?


Have you been following a strict diet and regular exercise routine but you do not see the results you expect? While there are many reasons this could happen, if you are persistently gaining weight in spite of your efforts, there is a high likelihood that you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance.


Your metabolism will dictate how much weight you will lose. When your hormones are imbalanced, it slows the ability of the body to metabolize, and may be the logical explanation to gaining more weight. Fat storage is commonly experienced especially in the midsection, which makes it harder to flatten your belly.


Do You Feel Hungry Most Of The Time?


With a hormonal imbalance, aside from consistently gaining weight, you will also notice that your appetite is rarely satisfied. Even if you have just had a meal, chances are, you would still want to eat more.


This can result from the increase in a hormone that is known as ghrelin, which is basically responsible for the stimulation of your appetite. Aside from always feeling hungry, you also tend to have unusual cravings like a pregnant woman.


Have You Lost Your Desire For Sexual Intimacy?


Let’s face it… Sex is a normal part of an adult’s life, and it is even linked to a wide range of health benefits. When you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance, however, you may notice that you are “just not in the mood”. Regardless of whatever your partner does to arouse the fire in you, you just don’t feel the desire for sexual intercourse. This may be a result of the abnormal hormone levels which are all essential in a woman’s body.


Do You Have Mood Swings?


You are happy one minute then all of a sudden you are sad. You get mad over the smallest things and you are often irritable. More often than not, people will just avoid you because of your mood swings. This can also lead into depression. You think tomorrow will be better… or you will be better… but you have no control over it.


While these changes in mood can just result from your monthly cycle, women with balanced hormones will be less prone to experiencing extreme highs and lows of their emotions. Your mood swings will especially peak if you are already at your menopausal stage.


Are You Feeling Exhausted Like You Can Hardly Make It Through Another Day?


If you experience constant fatigue and you just want to snuggle up in the bed and take a nap more often than not, you may be exhausted because of cortisol… the stress hormone.


Your chronic stress can elevate cortisol levels and make you feel exhausted all the time which can result from lack of sleep that you may experience due to fluctuations in your hormone levels.


I know… it can sound overwhelming especially when you’re exhausted and totally stressed out. However, if you feel you may have hormone imbalances, I encourage you to be checked out by an endocrinologist.


…AND start cleaning up your diet with healthy food choices.

…AND take a good look at your lifestyle habits.

…AND are you using perfumes, toxic cleaners, laundry detergents, dryer sheets, etc. in your home?


All of these can have a dramatic affect on your health.

Control what you can… and embrace changes.


Change can be a great thing especially

when it improves your health and well-being.


Wishing You Radiant Health!


Gail Seignious



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