Entrepreneurs start alone… but not for long!

Entrepreneurs start alone… but not for long! They are willing to take risks, and they are comfortable with solitude as they ignite their passion. However, they have someone they admire as being successful whom they respect as role models.

They are confident with their talents and know when to seek the advice of professionals. They value relationships from those who challenge them to think and evolve in their work and personal lives.

My Life and Entrepreneurship

As I reflect on my life, I spent 21 years working in the corporate world and 26 years as an entrepreneur which includes eight years as an independent contractor. Neither was perfect and both had their rewards in highly different ways.

When I was a single parent with three children to support, I absolutely needed the security of a regular paycheck and health benefits. When I was offered early retirement in a massive cutback, I was overwhelmed with excitement.

Mark The Marketing Genius

Many years before, I met Mark Hendricks who was a genius in the internet marketing world. It’s hard to explain, but I knew in my heart that I needed to learn from him when the time was right. Now with my early retirement, it was time.

I remember Mark asking me to define what I really wanted. I could easily tell him what I did not want, but I was challenged to define exactly WHAT I TRULY WANTED.

I understand this sounds ridiculous, but to really zero in on this question was challenging as he took me down a path with many twists and turns challenging me to discover exactly what I wanted.

My work in both the corporate world and the entrepreneurial world had given me many experiences, and now the internet marketing world was overwhelming to me.

With Mark’s guidance, I was able to reflect on the past and the present to create a vision for the future. This process was the foundation of my future, and I will share my definition of what I wanted to create in my life after we look at some additional entrepreneur qualities.

Qualities of an Entrepreneur

They are adventurers who love their work and are always soaking up information they need for success while maintaining a genuine connection to others.

They have the ability to dream big and envision their dreams coming to life as they confidently deliver value to their customers. They have no objection to jumping through hoops to achieve their goal, but they are always looking for ways to streamline for higher efficiency.

Any self-doubt ignites their passion and they are not fearful of a wrong turn. They see failure as part of their success as they accept change, shift gears and create new pathways to solutions.

Being an entrepreneur gives me the freedom to make choices to enrich my life and the lives of those I touch.
Being an entrepreneur gives me the freedom to make
choices to enrich my life and the lives of those I touch.

Entrepreneurs Have Freedom to Make Choices

Being an entrepreneur gives me the freedom to make choices to enrich my life and the lives of those I touch. It hasn’t always been easy… especially when I was working full time.

Connecting with successful entrepreneurs like Mark Hendricks, Connie Ragen Green and Angela Wills has certainly made the journey smoother. Plus, these connections are the building blocks to the foundation, and they are priceless!

My Response To Mark’s Question

I want the FREEDOM to do what I want, when I want, where I want, and with whom I want, without any concerns about time or money, in a healthy and positive way, with perfect timing… for the highest good of everyone.

Each day I choose to inspire others to embrace a healthy lifestyle, and I’m thankful to have the freedom in my life to move forward in this endeavor.

Mark’s Legacy

Since I wrote these words years ago, Mark has entered his heavenly life. His legacy will live forever in the hearts of those who were blessed to learn and grow from his teachings.

Many thanks for being here!

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Thank you for being here! 
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