Most of us look forward to a tasty treat occasionally! 


Fruit should be your first choice, yet occasionally, your taste buds might be craving a delicious chocolate treat or ice cream!  There are many options for preparing your favorite foods, including tasty desserts to satisfy your taste buds while boosting the nutritional value … without all the ingredients that can harm your health. 




Healthy and balanced food choices consists of a wealth of whole grains, veggies, fruits, enough healthy protein, as well as healthy and balanced fats. Alkalizing foods have the tendency to have fewer calories, higher levels of vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and also numerous antioxidants to help protect you from disease … and could improve or even reverse certain conditions. Specific individuals managing wellness challenges from stress or injury, may require higher nutrient levels even if they consume a healthy well balanced diet plan.



Juicing organic vegetables and fruits is a great option for nutrition and alkalizing the body and is highly recommended. When I started juicing years ago, it was the best option and still is if you are juicing organic fruits and vegetables. However, life is busy and many individuals do not have the time or energy to shop, chop and juice! Fortunately, there are other options to simplify and de-stress with organic powdered green and red drinks.



When my husband and I married in 2015, he had some health issues and was taking many medications. He is a cancer survivor and also had a hip replacement from a fall.  I encouraged him to try the superfood powdered green drinks but I never tried to force it on him.  Eventually, he tried them and much to my amazement he started asking for one every day and shortly after that, we added in the red drinks.  He was amazed how much better he felt. His overall health has improved tremendously, and now he rarely goes a day without his green and red drink.  Over the next few months, he was able to stop taking all but two medications, and what a blessing this has been!

You can read more about the health benefits of our favorite organic drink here.


The video below discusses a study at Vanderbilt Universisty regarding vice-virtue bundles (the good and the bad) and smaller portions which reveals that we all have a taste health balance point.  We’ve all known people who seem to be able to eat just about anything and never have any repercussions from it.  Eating smaller portions is a good start, and when we train our brains to eat healthier most of the time, we will reap the benefits now and later in life.



 There is no need to feel deprived when you are consuming healthy and balanced foods. You will feel better mentally and physically and, eventually, you will not have the unhealthy cravings you had in the past (or not as often).  When you balance out the food choices you make, the more energy you will have for living a happy and healthy life!


Wishing You Radiant Health!



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