Clean Eating Lifestyle To Keep You Healthy!

Clean Eating Lifestyle To Keep You Healthy!

A Clean Eating Lifestyle To Keep You Healthy!

A clean eating lifestyle is making healthy food choices and following a plan and foundation which are on the same wave length with creating a healthy well-balanced body.

It certainly isn’t just a new marketing buzz word, and fortunately, the clean eating lifestyle has been elevated in the media. Through functional medicine, alternative treatments, integrative medicine, nutritionists and fitness experts, we are learning that the whole body is connected, and WHAT YOU EAT MATTERS!

Your Body Needs Healthy Food For Energy!

It takes energy for our bodies to function properly just like it takes gas for your automobile to get you from point A to B.  Imagine how much blood flows through your veins each day… how many heartbeats you have every minute… how many times you blink your eyes every hour… what happens to your body when you are angry, and so much more.

Healthy Food Swaps
Healthy Food Swaps – Learning more about healthy food swaps can be very helpful in choosing healthier foods.

Get in touch with your body… and feel how your emotions, your food and your thoughts affect your physical well-being. Be determined to make healthier choices in the food you eat! Check out this list of 18 Food Replacement Hacks That Make Healthy Eating Easy.

You need to “plan” to eat healthy and delicious meals, and you don’t need to starve yourself. You just need to get motivated to eat clean, healthy food, exercise regularly and toss in a big dose of gratitude to achieve a well-balanced, healthy mind and body.

The goal is to maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle that you can sustain with clean eating for a lifetime… not just about achieving your ideal weight.

We must have nutritional foods to allow our body to perform its man vital functions... such as keeping our heart beating!

Strong decisions always play an important role. Once you decide and commit yourself to staying healthy and making better choices, you can achieve it. The first step is to have a successful mindset about what you are planning.

"When you are tempted to give up, your breakthrough is probably just around the corner." ~ Joyce Meyer

If you believe that you can achieve and maintain well-balanced food choices, you will be successful.

When you become more mindful of your choices, you can make healthier ones; and you then begin to notice significant changes. Your desire for junk food decreases and your taste buds start craving healthy food.

You will begin to FEEL the difference in your body. This will become automatic for you… with no resistance… let me emphasize “no resistance”… just a new choice!

Yes, there may be times when you slip back into old habits… hopefully, just for a short time when you’re under a lot of stress, traveling or during vacation. The difference is now you know how clean eating gives you energy to be happier and more active. Now you can flip that switch to automatically get back on the right track.

The healthier you become, the easier it is to stay on track and be mindful of the choices you make. Remember, it’s a journey… not a destination! – Gail Seignious Thompson

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Growing and Sprouting Greens!

Growing and Sprouting Greens!

Growing and Sprouting Greens The Easy Way!

Growing your greens gives you the freshest and healthiest food.

For many years, I have been growing and sprouting greens. It was probably in 2003 when I started my first organic garden. My daughter requested this for her birthday, and I could not have been happier! We made raised beds (with some help), had organic soil delivered, nurtured seedlings and watched the miracles happen.

I will never forget the day when my daughter, mother of three young children, was standing on the deck overlooking the garden. She was filled with joy and cried… she commented that, until then, she never really understood how food was grown. It was one of those Kodak moments that you just never forget.

Those precious moments did not end there.

My grandchildren helped plant and grow seedlings, they nurtured the garden and gathered the harvest. They ate salads, and loved cucumbers which became their snack food. We would all gather together to make fermented vegetables… usually 12 to 16 quarts at a time. We had quality time working and laughing together.

When I remarried, my husband and I had a large organic garden for four years. It was fun, exciting, plentiful and a whole lot of work. In the beginning, we were growing everything you could imagine… but we did have to make some sacrifices along the way.

You can’t just hop in the car for a long weekend!

We had an automatic watering system and thought we could take off a few days… WRONG! Heavy rains moved in, and it looked like growth hormones had been mixed with the weeds and they quadrupled in size every hour! YES, the plants grew but the weeds devoured everything. I’ve never seen anything like it… and it was overwhelming, but it did get me back to growing and sprouting greens again!

This year, we made the decision to downsize our indoor and outdoor projects to be more manageable, and stick with growing and sprouting our greens, along with a few of our favorite herbs and veggies. In the garden, we still have fig and pear trees, as well as strawberries and blackberries; plus we’re growing collards, kale, chard, cucumbers, peppers, herbs and tomatoes.

Alfalfa Sprouts - These sprouts are growing at three different stages. If you look closely, you can see the sprouts in the jar on the right are starting to get little green leaves.

Indoors, I’m keeping a constant supply of fresh sprouts, and I’m growing our greens! I dabbled a couple of years ago with hydroponics and grew some beautiful kale and lettuce, but I wanted to simplify the process.

I discovered the Grow Box 2.0 shown below that is very similar to the one my husband made for me. It’s great for keeping salad greens growing through all seasons. Plus, you can “put it on hold” at any time if you want to take a vacation, and start back up when you’re ready. BUT, I can’t imagine you will stop for long. After all, nothing compares to growing and sprouting greens, especially when you know they are FRESH, CLEAN AND GREEN.

Food Rising Grow Box 2.0 - Grow clean heathy food with no electricity, no soil and no weeding. Developed by the Health Ranger.

If you have any desire to grow your greens on your terms, check this out and see if it’s a good fit for you.

It may sound strange, but my husband and I have greens and sprouts almost every morning along with our organic eggs or oatmeal, and for dinner. Just goes to show you that when you eat healthy, your taste buds change and you start craving clean food.

Until next time, go eat some greens!

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