Clean eating can improve your health tremendously.  The quick start guide below can help you make some better choices quickly and learn more on the fly.  Ideally, you want to reduce acid in the body by increasing alkalizing foods.

Does your diet consist mainly of packaged foods and fast food?  Poor diet choices and lack of exercise can lead to obesity which often leads to heart disease, type 2 diabetes and can lead to cancer. 

Clean Eating Lifestyle To Keep You Healthy!

A Clean Eating Lifestyle To Keep You Healthy! A clean eating lifestyle is making healthy food choices and following a plan and foundation which are on the same wave length with creating a healthy well-balanced body. It certainly isn’t just a new marketing buzz word,...

Growing and Sprouting Greens!

Growing and Sprouting Greens The Easy Way! Growing your greens gives you the freshest and healthiest food!

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Menu Planning Made Easy!

Menu Planning Made Easy! If you had a choice between grabbing processed fast food, or serving your family a balanced, home-cooked meal – which would you pick?   What if I told you that you can prepare that home-cooked meal and save time and money over the so-called...

Healthy Gut – Stronger Immune System

A healthy gut creates a strong immune system. A healthy gut begins with your microbiome which is a community of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses that make up your gut microbiota. The microbiota, the products it makes, and the entire environment is...

Apple Cider Vinegar

You've Probably Heard About The Many Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar! Apple cider vinegar, often referred to as ACV, is one of those miracle foods. When used properly, it can be highly beneficial to your health. The problem is there is so much information about health...

Fermented Foods Improve Gut Health

Fermented Foods Improve Gut Health Healthy probiotics (good bacteria) in fermented foods improve  gut health, keep your colon clean, improves the function of your colon and provides a place for these friendly bacteria to grow! The good news is that probiotic-rich...

Improving Your Gut Health

Improving Your Gut Health Improving your gut health is one of the most important things you can do for your body; and it’s important to know the most common symptoms that are a good indication that your  good bacteria have been compromised, and the bad bacteria has...

White Bean Dip & Seasoned Pita Chips

White Bean Dip & Seasoned Pita Chips This delicious white bean dip is a great addition to any party menu. It is quick and easy to make – and your guests are sure to love the subtle balance of flavors packed into each bite. It is perfect with mildly seasoned pita...

Be grateful for your health and the positive people in your life.  Dedicate yourself to grow in a healthier direction, and commit to eating a clean healthy diet (preferably organic) to improve your mental and physical well-being.



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